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'Yes We Can'

Our Stage Play for Schools and Community Groups.

The Play is supported and made possible by Comic Relief and Forever Manchester.

WE HAD A BROADCAST ON BBC 1 NORTHWEST TONIGHT, 31st JANUARY 2017 6-30pm AND during the day too!

On 20th January 2017 we had the pleasure of the BBC coming to film us with the talented Actress Julie Hesmondhalgh who played Hayley Cropper in 'Coronation Street',  This was to promote the great work of Comic Relief.  We were fortunate to receive a Grant from them, with the help of Forever Manchester, enabling us to take our play on the 'road' into Schools and Community environments, to show the talent of our mixed ability groups, including those with Downs and Autism.

BBC TV News coverage about our Comic Relief Grant, taking 'Yes We Can' on the road.

The above video is from the Manchester Evening News Journalist Holly O'Rourke, with Actress Julie Hesmondhalgh.  This was published on 31st January 2017 in the newspaper and online.

Bernard and Liam with a copy of Manchester Evening News about our Comic Relief Grant.

Some of the cast rehearsing the current Play, we have been fortunate to receive a Grant via Forever Manchester from Comic Relief, allowing us to provide transport and much more, to take the Play into Schools and Community Environments.

 Photograph by Stephen Evans contact

'Yes We Can' stage play is being performed in several schools and community centres in Manchester. 

Our first performance to a class from St John Fisher, St Thomas More Primary School in Wythenshawe.  BBC TV filmed the first scene and did interviews with the cast.

Some of the Cast of 'Yes We Can' after the performance on 20th January 2017, in the centre is Actress Julie Hesmondhalgh who was the Presenter for Comic Relief / BBC TV.

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