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Activities for learning disabled Manchester


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We are proud to receive funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

Donavon and Ben attend 2 days a week and enjoy acting.  

Photograph by Stephen Evans contact

Receiving the Queens Award for Voluntary Service - the MBE for Volunteer groups.

Volunteer Clare Swann and Bernard Reilly who attends 2 days a week and operates cameras.  Bernard says he "loves attending."

Photograph by Stephen Evans contact

This is an alternative to traditional Day Care Services where people with learning disabilities gain new skills whilst having fun with their friends.  We work with groups of 6 to 12 people.

 John McCormack runs the sessions each day with other Drama Professionals / Actors / Volunteers.  John has worked with learning disabled people since 2008. 

He is a TV & Film Producer and Director.   John imparts acting skills, encouraging people to work using improvisation skills. for more information about John's work. 


We make films and impart 'hands on' skills enabling people to operate cameras and to take part in their own Radio Show on WFM 97.2

We are open Tuesdays, Thursdays Fridays 10am to 2-15pm (with plans to open each week day).


People that attend Community Media Crew sessions gain an insight  into acting, radio and TV production and socialising, whilst gaining new skills.

Our Christmas Film 2015 - with a very talented cast - working using improvisation and several rehearsals.

Photo by Aidan O'Rourke

On 12th September 2015 we performed in a large Theatre.  A great achievment for all taking part.  The Play was 'Yes We Can' written by Charlie Gooding who attends 3 days a week.  Since that performance we have developed the idea further to make it a different play, longer, powerful and engaging for school children.

Rehearsals for Christmas Play

 'Christmas Is Cancelled'

Mencap activities

Filming rehearsals as Camera Workshop combined with Drama Workshop in the Theatre Room.

Manchester City Council learning disabled

Charlie Gooding Film 'Health'.  This was one take and shows the talented Charlie, who wrote this piece.

Each week we pre-record The Crew Show for broadcasting on Wythenshawe FM Thursdays 4pm to  5pm.  We have been broadcasting since March 2013.  EVERYONE takes part in the PRODUCTION OF THE SHOWS. 


TEL: 07881 468 569




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