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We are proud to receive funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

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We are pleased and honoured - we received this Queens Award for Voluntary Service.  An MBE for Volunteer groups.

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We are a Day Service for people with Mixed Abilities, including Downs, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Aspergers and indeed OPEN to anyone who wants to join us.  We provide fun media projects for gaining skills, including learning to make films, operate cameras, act in feature films, documentaries and radio shows.


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On 21st October 2021 we staged our play 'ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HALF HOUR' at '53two' Theatre space in Manchester and BBC TV Northwest Tonight did a feature on this.


JOHN McCORMACK is the Director of Community Media Crew.  Contact him to have a FREE 'TASTER DAY' to see if you like what we do 07881 468 569 or

Pauline Hendrickson is in 'The CROWN' NETFLIX Season 4 Episode 7 playing the Queen's Cousin.

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On Saturday 5th October 2019 we performed our new stage play THE DAY CENTRE at the BURY MET

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Our Feature film CHARLIE"S CREW has been released on Amazon, please take a look at it and it's great fun.

SYNOPSIS: Charlie is determined to make his short film 'Shipwrecked' on a council estate, but he faces opposition from the cash strapped Managers of his Day Centre.  Regardless, Charlie moves forward with his bold plans and assembles his Cast and Crew who are his mates with Downs and Autism to make his dream film come true.

TO ORDER A DVD please email with your name and address and we will post to you.

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Actors John Henshaw, Shaun Carter, Ben Singh in scene from new feature film 'PRICELESS' shot in Wythenshawe, Didsbury, New York, Rome, Auschwitz Poland and 7 Greek Islands!

Information Film about what we do, featuring people that attend the daily sessions.

Volunteers Hazel Dove (left) Stephanie Cameron (right) at Buckingham Palace on 23rd May 2017

We have competed our 2nd feature film PRICELESS with a cast of 20 mixed ability actors working alongside TV Actors John Henshaw, Stephanie Bishop and Robert Maxfield.

BBC TV Broadcast about our work and Comic Relief support which we secured via Forever Manchester.

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We have been working with different community groups; Schools and Youths from The Challenge and Elderly on a WW2 project

This is a very roughly filmed taster 4 minutes of the Play, we performed for BBC TV and St John's School children Wythenshawe.

Actor Julie Hesmondhalgh piece to camera in St John's with the Community Media Crew and BBC TV for Comic Relief.

Actror Julie Hesondhalgh, with the BBC chatting to our Group after we performed some of our Play 'Yes We Can' to a Class of School Children from St John Fisher & Thomas More, Catholic Primary School in Wythenshawe.

Actor Julie Hesmondhalgh, with the BBC chatting to our Group after we performed some of our Play 'Yes We Can' to school children from St John Fisher & Thomas More, Catholic Primary School in Wythenshawe..

Our service is an NEW alternative to traditional day care, where people with learning disabilities can learn new skills, make friends and feel comfortable, whilst making films, radio shows and theatre productions.  A sense of Teamwork and Achievement.



£25 per day or £17-50 half a day, we are flexible - you can attend and day you want to or all days / part days. 

Reserve a place please contact John McCormack.

People can pay with their

Individual Budgets.  

ABOVE and BELOW - photos from shooting scenes in our new Feature Film called PRICELESS the follow on from 'Charlie's Crew'.

Hugh attends the service 3 days a week, here he says how happy he is to be an actor.

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Live Theatre performance we did at Z Arts Centre to support Stepping Stones Across The Spectrum charity for Autism.

John McCormack pictured below, runs the sessions each day.  He has worked with learning disabled people since 2008 for Ashton Mencap and Manchester Mencap.

He is also a TV & Film Producer and Director, with a track record of producing 5 feature films and hundreds of films for the corporate sector.  John imparts acting skills, encouraging people to work using improvisation skills and has worked with Adults and Children. 

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John McCormack runs the Sessions and is the Managing Director / Founder.  He is a Film & TV Producer / Director working with learning disabled people since 2008.

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Filming outside on location in Platt Fields Manchester for the groundbreaking feature film 'Charlie's Crew' starring 20 Adults with mixed abilities.  Learning to act, operate cameras, record sound and teamwork skills and having fun too!

 'Charlie's Crew' trailer from the feature film we made starring all the people that attend Community Media Crew; produced and directed by John McCormack

Drama / Improvising

Film making / Learning to use Cameras

Radio Shows each week

Confidence Building and Socialising

Communication Skills Improved

learning disabilities manchester


to see us in action in Live Theatre in September

activities for learning disabled

Professional Actors John Henshaw and Shaun Carter, location filming with Charlie Gooding for

'Charlie's Crew'.  Another feature film with a large learning disabled cast, is in pre-production.

 learning disability services manchester
Manchester learning disabled

Hugh Keane on Radio Show, broadcast on Wythenshawe FM 97.2 and via internet Thursdays 4pm to 5pm. Liam Robbins sat on stage, prepares for filming.

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Volunteer Hazel Dove in rehearsals for stage production.

Ben, Vicky and Ian on camera, practising interviewing techniques.

Robert Maxfield Actor and Drama Practitioner takes drama sessions too, imparting skills and fun.  Robert was recently on Coronation Street

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Manchester learning disabled

Bernard and Liam in the backgorund filming; Hugh, Charlie, Darren prepare the Radio Show for recording.

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We are at St Johns Club, Greenwood Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester 22 9HD. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10am to 2-15pm in the Theatre style room.

CONTACT: 07881 468 569 John McCormack





Come and take a look at us!
Learning disabilities  Wythenshawe Manchester

 We work in a large Theatre Room and we provide free tea, coffee, cordial, throughout the day.

There is plenty of space to gain new skills whilst having fun.

Pop in and take a look at what we do!

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